Jump Board Reformer – Int/Adv

Jump Board Reformer - Intermediate/Advanced

Pilates Jump Board classes are fun, fast paced, calorie-burning and heart healthy. The customized jump board allows great space for footwork. This class tones the body as well as elevates the heart rate by mixing cardio with traditional Pilates and contemporary moves. And we move — add a few props and some upbeat music and we now have a party.

An unapologetically demanding workout. The cardio / plyometrics / Pilates combination is every bit as tough as it sounds. The routine involves lots of jumping while laying on your back using a Reformer Jump Board, thus protecting your joints. Adding fun movements, such as pull-ups and leg-lifts, which are all designed to challenge your muscles. So, expect to sweat, and feel your legs and arms burn.

You will see improvements in muscle tone, strength and integration, core activation and cardiovascular endurance, along with better functional body awareness, and with it, reduced pain from any postural misalignments.

  • Intermediate/Advanced Skill Level
  • Strengthens the core muscles
  • Elevates the heart rate
  • Fun and fast paced
  • Taught by a Certified Pilates Instructor
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Classes fill up quickly so please contact the instructor for space availability. Schedule subject to change without notice. 24 hour cancellation notice required.