Reset 2 Balance

“I believe we can effectively access the source of profound healing and balance within our own individual systems allowing us to become more whole in our well-being. This work is a holistic approach to a different kind of massage therapy that can affect us on a much deeper level.”
—Nanette Lani Brierley

Reset 2 Balance

Wholistic Body Work with Nanette

Cranial Sacral therapy and the theories of Cranio ~ Sacral ~ SELF ~ Waves (CSSW) fall under the category of massage although its origin was born out of Osteopathy. Using light to medium pressure, applied to specific parts of the body i.e. the head, base of the cranial bone, sacrum, hips, ankles, arms, ribs, etc., a therapist is able to connect with the ‘pulse, rhythm, or flow’ of the wave-like motions of cerebrospinal fluid, blood, and lymph fluid which assists the body in healing.

Delta Wave and Pulse Massage uses rocking, pulsing, and wave-like motions that, when used in conjunction with Cranio~Sacral~SELF~Waves therapy, activates the parasympathetic nervous system creating a deeper relaxation experience.

Using movements of ‘pushing and pulling’ these wave-like motions allow a therapist to aid in an ‘uncurling’ or ‘unwinding’, of tension, tightness, and holding in connective tissue thereby creating ‘space’ for things to start opening up and releasing.  When bodies are no longer in a state of tension, tightness, and holding, the different systems in our body i.e., skeletal, vascular, lymphatic, respiratory, nervous, digestive, etc., are able to function more effectively.

Cranio~Sacral~SELF~Waves Therapy and Delta Wave and Pulse Massage may be gentle and subtle on the body but it is deeply effective.

Nanette Lani Brierley, LMT

Nanette Lani Brierley is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher, a Certified Life Changes Master Spiritual Coach, and has experience in several modalities of energetic work including Qi Diagnosis and Transmission, Gemstone Energy Medicine, and Reiki. Throughout her life, and her 23 years of practice as a Massage Therapist, she has had the opportunity to work closely in association with, and learn from, many who have profoundly influenced her life’s work. She understands the importance of self-care which extends above and beyond the physical body.

Massage Services

Cranio~Sacral~SELF~Waves Therapy/Delta Wave and Pulse Massage

In my experience working with this modality can get to the source of profound healing and balance within one’s individual systems.

Sessions Price
45-60 Minutes $95 per session
2 or more in 1 month $75 per session

Other Techniques and Modalities

  • Reflexology
  • Active Isolated Stretching techniques
  • Facet Joint Release
  • Myofascial Release
  • Jin Shin Do
  • Cupping/Cupping Massage

Gemstone Mandala Chakra Balancing

Therapeutic grade Quartz or Rose Quartz mandalas are placed on the 7 chakras. Clients are then left to rest for 30 minutes while listening to Sounds of Healing through music. Tuning forks may also be used when applicable.

Sessions Price
30 Minutes $55 per session

Contact Information

Please contact me directly to schedule an appointment, for more information, or if you have any questions.



Tue. – Fri. 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.